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Anna Valley helps deliver the 2021 CN Agency Awards

On the 22nd of July the events industry gathered at Tobacco for the 2021 CN Agency Awards.  But the event was so much more than an awards ceremony.   This was one of the first unrestricted events of 2021 and, after an incredibly tough year, an opportunity to celebrate the industry’s indomitable spirit.

For Anna Valley, it was also the first industry event that we have supported at Tobacco Dock since we were chosen as the iconic venue’s audio-visual partner, and the first event we’ve delivered for Mash Media since partnering with the publisher and event organiser.


Behind the scenes AV at CN Agency Awards 2021

Anna Valley provided AV for CN Agency Awards 2021

As the official production partner for the 2021 CN Agency Awards, Anna Valley provided full audio-visual support for the awards, including a massive, curved LED wall that acted as the backdrop for a curious collection of Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired entertainment and for the awards presentation.  We expanded our presence at the event by sponsoring both the drinks reception and the Best Small Agency of the Year award category.


CN Agency Awards at Tobacco Dock

mad hatter at the 2021 CN Agency Awards

Conference News awards 2021

Entertainment at 2021 CN Agency Awards

The fact that Tobacco Dock have put on an event like this with the help of Anna Valley is amazing.  We’ve taken a huge step up this year, we’ve really pushed it…the audience reaction and the feedback I’ve had on site has just been brilliant.   The future is this, the future is our industry getting back together and meeting again…if we can keep doing shows like this in the future, as long as they’re safe and following all procedures, this is where the industry is going to go.

Jack Newey, portfolio director for Conference News

CN Agency Awards at Tobacco Dock

2021 CN Agency Awards

It’s this kind of safe, considered controlled environment that is actually going to take us out of this rather than put us back in.  And I think using professional event organisers, professional production companies, that’s the way we’re going to build out of this.

Russel Allen, founder of Crescendo

CN Agency Awards reception drinks

CN Agency Awards winners

It’s been so good to have a live audience of scale back in the venue again.  It’s a cause of celebration as we are coming back with a bang!  Momentum is building all the time and an event like this really helps to bring confidence back.

Jonathan Read, commercial director at Tobacco Dock

Celebrating the 2021 CN Agency Awards

Celebrating a CN Agency Award win

To be here at Tobacco Dock, where we partner with their great team, at a time when the industry is re-emerging at a pace…it’s just incredible.  Working with Mash Media on such a landmark event, after what’s been an incredibly tough year in 2020, is a fantastic partnership and we’re so pleased to be working with them.

Dan Orchard, business development director at Anna Valley

Watch the video highlights below :

The 2021 CN Agency Awards were a resounding success, attracting some of the best talent in the industry and marking an enthusiastic return to live events.  We’re looking forward to helping Mash Media create the next industry event on 1&2 September when Anna Valley will deliver five of the theatres across International Confex, the PA Show and the Publishing Show.

Get in touch with our team now to find out how Anna Valley can support your next event.

2021 CN Agency Award winners