Virtual production

The only limit is your imagination

Anna Valley’s multi-purpose virtual production studios give you the ability to create digital environments that can either replicate reality or defy logic, so you never have to miss another sunset shot or settle for a less-than-impressive event setting.

Choose your reality with solutions ranging from green screen backgrounds to LED windows, mixed, augmented or extended reality and entirely virtual settings – built in our 42 000 square foot facility in West London or at a venue of your choice.

Our virtual production studio combines high-resolution LED video walls with infrared camera tracking technology and powerful graphic servers to create a versatile environment that affords creative freedom and absolute control.

Whether your cast includes trained talent or corporate speakers, the LED backdrops provide a physical environment that sets them at ease and encourages natural performances.

The set can be digitally scaled to create an extended reality which tracks camera movements and blurs the distinction between the real and virtual worlds.

Because the solution is based on LED in-camera vfx, creative teams can see the end result in real-time and change digital environments at the touch of a button – cutting costs for travel to remote locations and reducing the waste associated with physical set builds.

The Feed Virtual production set

GRM Virtual production set

Event tech for virtual events

virtual production for corporate events

Virtual events hosted in the studio benefit from adaptable configurations to suit keynote presentations, panel discussions and demonstrations.

Broadcast-quality live feeds can include keyed backgrounds, so that remote participants look like they’re in the same environment, and dynamic graphics and charts can be incorporated in the set design or as virtual 3D elements.

Optional extras – including interactive elements like Q&A, polls and voting – keep remote participants engaged and encourage audience participation.

I want to say a big thank you to that teams at ExCeL and Anna Valley for helping us to produce our first ever digital event to the high standards our members expect of us.

Nick Dugdale-Moore, Regional Manager, Europe, UFI

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With our technical inventory, technology partnerships and reputation for delivering spectacular shows, Anna Valley is the perfect choice for your virtual production.

Get in touch or download our brochure to find out more and watch the video below to see some of our virtual event highlights.

Anna Valley was the natural choice to help us deliver our mixed reality concept.
ITV Sport technical director, Roger Pearce