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Making presentations interactive with CoCreate

The way that our clients engage event audiences is changing. Interactivity is often associated with experiential events which normally requires costly, bespoke programming. At Anna Valley we’re regularly asked to provide credible interactive technology within short time frames and on a budget – and there’s rarely an out-of-the-box solution.

CoCreate is an interactive software platform developed by renowned innovators Engage Works. Originally designed as part of a permanent installation in collaborative digital workspaces at companies such as PWC and Mercedes Benz, the software is now available for rental through Anna Valley.

At its most basic, CoCreate provides a more tactile method to present, swiping through slides and graphics via touch. Presenters can go on to annotate slides, either using a stylus or finger movements to highlight in a range of colours and bring up movies, graphics and even web pages via the intuitive touchscreen interface.

But it doesn’t end there, members of the audience or workshop groups can contribute anonymously via tablets to send digital post-it notes onto the main screen, with typed or handwritten ideas, questions, pictures or photos. With touch gestures moderators can expand these post-its to discuss ideas and move them around the screen to create a visual workflow, turning a presentation into a truly creative digital environment and empowering people to share their ideas and experiences.

From a main plenary session, presenters can allocate work to breakout areas, sent over a closed network to multiple areas where session groups can work collaboratively on touchscreens and send their results back to the main plenary for summing up.

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Anna Valley’s Dan orchard says:

Using CoCreate at to bring interactivity to events like conferences can show your audience that their ideas and questions really matter, by giving them the tools to engage with the subject and be part of the outcome. This is an incredible platform because it’s such a powerful tool but so easy to use. In our experience so far, we’ve found that presenters and delegates need minimal training as the system uses a lot of familiar gestures that people are already accustomed to using on their smart phones.

Richard Ward from Engage Works says:

Having built CoCreate for the installation market, and seing how it has transformed the way that our clients work, we’re excited to welcome Anna Valley as rental partners to build the platform’s use in the live events sector. We’re looking forward to seeing where this path takes us in developing CoCreate, watch this space for future evolutions!