Breaking News - Grand Technix acquires Anna Valley brand name and brand collateral. Read more.Breaking News - Grand Technix acquires Anna Valley brand name and brand collateral. Read more.

Event professionals choose their own path to inspiration at Anna Valley’s showcase

From 15-19 July 2019 Anna Valley hosted event agencies and organisers at their new base in Feltham for an “Inspiration Showcase.”  The event was designed to demonstrate how AV technology can be engineered to create personal, immersive experiences and guests interacted directly with the AV technology to determine their own path through the experience.

The “Inspiration Showcase” was designed and created by the Anna Valley team and was organised into four zones featuring leading AV technology including Hippotizer and Disguise media servers, custom programmed Notch software blocks, over 650 panels of LED videowall and floor, Panasonic projectors, dispersed and surround audio systems and content created by JSCGI.  Guests selected the zones they wanted to visit via a custom touchscreen interface and were led on their chosen path through an LED maze via triggered video and audio content.

The Generative Content Zone leveraged the power of Notch software running on the Hippotiser Boreal + media server, combined with a live camera feed to produce an experience where guests could interact with their own digital avatars in real-time.

Dan O showing hidden treasure zone

The Hidden Treasure Zone used infrared motion sensors to unlock the power of movement to influence this environment.  Guests could either sweep or wave their way to revealing a hidden treasure on a seemingly blank high-resolution LED wall.

Dan 2nd hidden treasure zone

In the Virtual Studio Zone reality and virtual graphics were combined using infrared camera tracking technology, high resolution screens and powerful graphic servers to create a responsive digital studio.

Man with mobile phone

Four 9K laser projectors, a 4K display and surround sound system were used in the Projection Mapping Zone to create both an immersive underwater and outer-space adventure with a 3D printed shuttle.

Projection Mapping

This was the first time that Anna Valley hosted an event at their new premises, which the company moved into in April 2019, and the showcase also included a tour of the company’s 41 000 square foot warehouse, giving visitors a chance to view the 3-point quality control systems and re-designed delivery procedures.  With tours running all week, participants in each session were carefully curated to provide a personal, private experience and maximise direct interaction with the technology.

“Thank you very much for taking Toni and I through all of the Anna Valley offerings – really exciting to see and definitely things to bear in mind for future projects.”

Becky Sparks-Pearsey

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment

“Just wanted to say a big thanks for inviting me yesterday, it was a great showcase ! The enthusiasm of your whole team is something that I admire”

Lawrence Robinson

Branchout Productions

“Thanks for the amazing tour yesterday. It was inspiring.”

Mia Kong

Mason Events

For those unable to attend the event, Anna Valley have produced and shared an interactive video that gives viewers the chance to choose their own path through the Inspiration Showcase in the same way that those who attended the event did. Click below to start your interactive AV adventure now.

Zone Map