Anna Valley chosen for Saturday peak-time dance series The Greatest Dancer.

Anna Valley chosen for Saturday peak-time dance series The Greatest Dancer.

Fantastic studio based dance series on BBC one.

A brand-new entertainment show produced by Thames/Syco for the BBC concluded last Saturday.

Thames chose Anna Valley to supply AV elements including massive AV3 LED screens on the Stage and Wings Backdrop, incorporating 4 centre stage sections that rotated through 180 degrees, to reveal a mirror backing.

The backdrop 8 element screens spanned an impressive total of 25 metres wide and 8 metres high.

The look of the Live Finals was conceived by Wieder Design with lighting designed by Tim Routledge.

The LH2 studio appeared to look larger than ever with Anna Valleys LED products around all four Walls and outlining a huge staircase leading to the performer’s mezzanine area.

Earlier in the series, the Auditions shows were staged within a large theatrical set within Birmingham’s ICC. Peter Bingemann’s Production design saw a Dance Studio transform when the AV3 LED wall opened-up to reveal the packed Theatre triggered by the audience keypad votes.

Anna Valley’s AV3 screens were chosen as the optimum product, delivering a robust, high resolution lightweight LED solution for both venues, with excellent clarity.

The show has proved successful to both critics and audiences and BBC has commissioned a second series of The Greatest Dancer for 2020.

The channel says the series is currently rating at an average of 5.4 million viewers in consolidated numbers, which include those watching on catchup.