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Howard Goodall’s Story Of Music

Howard Goodall’s Story Of Music

Anna Valley teamed up with sister company Shooting Partners to supply not only great creative projection solutions, but Sony HD camera kit for this BBC documentary series charting the development of music over the centuries.

The series charts from year dot to, with Howard Goodall suggesting that music has always been a crucial part of human existence. Archaeological evidence has shown that music, although there is no sure-fire way to know exactly what it sounded like, was just as important as a component of life in centuries past as it is today.

As well as creative projection in use Anna Valley consulted throughout the process on several approaches to how to treat the display of specially prepared graphics onto the set. Solutions included Christie 15,000 lumens projection re-positioned around the set several times a day by trained staff technicians.

Tiger Aspect Productions required technical and creative solutions for both the HD shooting aspect and studio set projection element of the series. By calling upon the expertise of the Shooting Partners Group as a whole, encompassing both broadcast hire and displays rental, the production team could draw upon a wide range of in house experience and technical expertise all under one roof.

Tiger Aspect commented “Shooting Partners and Anna Valley did a fantastic job on this series, as always! It was a great help only having to go to one place to make everything work for both the location camera days and the studio set days where we needed to show a lot of graphics projected onto our set. It also helped the budget by getting a better deal all in one place!!”

Howard Goodall’s History of Music is a Tiger Aspect production airing on BBC2 and BBC Learning