Changing environments with the touch of a button for the New Land Rover Defender UK tour.

Changing environments with the touch of a button for the New Land Rover Defender UK tour.

When you’re putting together a high-profile new product launch for a super-luxury brand, you want to work with suppliers that you trust.  When that campaign includes a stage of video displays, which needs to be rigged overnight, to wow audiences across three different venues, then that circle of trust has to extend to include specialist service providers.  That’s why Jaguar Land Rover turned to their UK agency, The Event Business, to design The Defender UK tour – and why they brought Branchout Productions and, in turn, Anna Valley on board to help deliver this ambitious series of events.


“We worked with Anna Valley on another Jaguar campaign during Wimbledon and we’ve got a good relationship with the team.  They did a great job, worked to our budget and their onsite delivery was fantastic, so when this project came up, we knew that Anna Valley were the right choice.”

Lawrence Robinson, Branchout Productions director.

The concept

The Defender UK tour was designed to celebrate the launch of the unstoppable new Land Rover Defender and featured placements in popular high-end retail environments.  To showcase the ruggedness of the Defender, The Event Business wanted the vehicle to be displayed on a base covered in LED panels that extended into surrounding video totems – creating a terrain that could be changed by simply switching the video content displayed.

The process

Designing a solution that provided the desired effect and that could be loaded and built in just four hours was a challenge, and Anna Valley tested a number of LED configurations before the final design was agreed.  The teams from The Event Business, Branchout Productions and Anna Valley then worked closely with the stand builders at FWD to design a plinth which would support the Defender and the 7mm LED flooring used to create the digital terrain.  The display was completed with 3.9mm LED totems with 90-degree LED corners on either side of the platform so that the video content, created by Branchout, flowed seamlessly underneath the SUV and onto the columns to create the illusion of different environments.

The Defender UK tour was featured at the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent from 18-20 October 2019, at into Trafford Centre in Manchester from 8-10 November 2019 and at Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush from 22-24 November 2019.

When asked about their experience working with Anna Valley, Lawrence concludes with,

“There are a lot of companies that provide video displays, but not all suppliers are of the same calibre.  Anna Valley are true professionals.”


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