BT Sport Studios

BT Sport Studios

Anna Valley, with sister company Shooting Partners, were chosen to provide and install the displays and image manipulation equipment for BT Sport’s new RTS award winning studio complex in the heart of London’s Olympic Park.

BDA’s design team created a studio set partly inspired by the iconic BT Telecoms Tower. The Tower is clad in 6mm LED panels to provide displays accessible to both studio 1 and 2 cameras.

12mm LED is used to create huge banners which line the studio walls. Sports Perimeter LED is used to complete a sporting venue event feel.

Christie’s X20 was provided to take video inputs from both the vision mixer and studio router. The X20 provides position, scaling and effects for all the displays across Studios 1 and 2.

Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operating Officer of BT Sport said: “At the core of our new studios is a spirit of collaboration that brings the best of industry working together toward a common aim: to make the BT Sport studios a world-class hub for the best ideas and talent. We believe talent attracts talent and this collaboration with Anna Valley has helped us to foster that mind-set.”