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The JCDecaux name is synonymous with outdoor advertising across the UK.  They currently account for 45% of all digital out-of-home impressions and plan to increase this reach to #onebillioneyeballs every week by the end of 2017. And they only work with the best integrators – a highly-vetted group of JCDecaux-approved contractors.

JCDecaux’s approved contractor list

“Becoming an approved JCDecaux contractor is more difficult than you would think,” says Gareth Tuxworth, Senior Project Manager for JCDecaux.  “We appoint contractors based on previous experience, accreditations and risk approvals for specific environments.  JCDecaux are proud of the ISO accreditations they have secured and are able to work with some blue chip partners because of this. We expect our approved contractors to uphold the same standards to ensure we keep these partners engaged. Therefore, it is unlikely that less experienced contractors will reach our approved contractor list.  Anna Valley are proven to conduct themselves in a professional fashion with high Health & Safety standards in place.”

“One of our key targets for 2017 was to qualify as a JCDecaux contractor,” says Nick Shaw Head of Anna Valley Integration.  “The first step was to earn our ISO 9001 accreditation to prove that we have customer service and quality management processes in place.  Then we needed to prove that we’re competitive in the marketplace by winning a contract through JCDecaux’s tender process.”

A new digital advertising board for Manchester Piccadilly Station

With £14 million invested in digital estate over the last six years, JCDecaux is the biggest rail advertising estate investor in the UK.  When the time came to upgrade an old digital advertising screen at Manchester Piccadilly Station, they chose Anna Valley Integration to complete the installation.

“Anna Valley were recommended to us by the display providers, AOTO,” explains Tuxworth. “The fact that they were familiar with the AOTO products, meant that they could do their own commissioning and knew how to work with, and install, these products. And, because this build wasn’t too complicated, it was a good initial project to work on with a new integrator.”

As the principal contractor for the project, Anna Valley were responsible for;

  • removing the existing display, along with the frame work, and old back of house equipment used to run the system,
  • fabricating a new steelwork structure for the LED panel installation according to JCDecaux’s framework designs,
  • removing the old electrical components, and installing a new cable management system for both the AV and electrical supplies,
  • installing the 4.8m x 2.4m digital display within the new framework, with a high gloss black surround finish and AOTO M series LED tiles and
  • maintaining health and safety standards, in line with network rail and JCDecaux guidelines, to ensure that there was no risk to members of staff or the general public during the installation.

The on-site element of the project was planned to take place over two weeks, but a delay in securing the design signoff from the principal engineer meant that this installation time was halved.  The Anna Valley team made up the lost time by doing as much prep as possible off-site, during the day in anticipation of that night’s work, and holding regular “tech talks” with the entire team to facilitate communication. The job was completed a day ahead of schedule – and it’s the quickest on-site rail installation JCDecaux has ever done.

Every project has its issues but the Anna Valley team asked the right questions, were proactive, understood the product and made every effort to bend over backwards and deliver on time. It’s hard to find good contractors that have the same level of quality assurance that we have, and that can meet our expectations, so it was refreshing to meet an integrator that was confident in their ability and got it right first time.
JCDecaux Senior Project Manager, Garex Tuxworth