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Introducing Shaun Wilton: A passion for AV technology born out of broadcast.

When Shooting Partners amalgamated with Anna Valley earlier this year, it represented one of the biggest changes in the company’s thirty-year history.  But Anna Valley director and previous head of Shooting Partners, Shaun Wilton, is no stranger to change after sixteen years with the company.

It all happened on a Tuesday.

Driven to London by a lack of broadcast opportunities in Manchester in the 90’s, Shaun started out as a runner working for Ricochet Films in the year 2000.  He spent a couple of years working his way up to a researcher role but, after constantly being told off for spending too much time with the crew, he realised that he was more interested in the cameras than in the characters in TV-land.  After a stint as a freelancer and positions at the BBC and AT IT Productions working on shows like “Popworld” and “The Joe Whiley Show” he jumped at the opportunity to expand his scope when a training technician position opened up at Shooting Partners (which had just bought Anna Valley.) He’s been part of the company ever since.

Shaun’s experience in TV led to some great opportunities in his early years at Shooting Partners, including working as a camera assistant on “Top Gear”, being a live operator on “Brain Teaser” for Channel 5 and flying to La Rochelle to film with live tigers for “Fort Boyard.”  But it was his motivation to not only learn about new technology and apply that knowledge, but also to help improve systems and approaches within the business, that led to his promotion to the role of assistant manager in 2004.  A few years later, when the head of camera division role became available, Shaun was the obvious choice.  Coincidentally this happened on the same day that he found out that his partner was expecting their first child.  As Shaun recalls, it was an intense Tuesday.

He’s seen things

During the time that Shaun’s worked at Shooting Partners and Anna Valley, the broadcast industry has moved from standard to high definition, tape-based to tapeless workflows and from standard video to 3D, VR and AR formats.  Shaun has been instrumental in establishing Shooting Partners and Anna Valley as technology leaders during these changes, designing a new approach to fixed rig filming for Gogglebox, pioneering workflows with the first professional VR camera and representing the company on panels and in presentations at industry-leading trade shows and events.

The more things change the more they stay the same

The surges in technology over recent years have made video content more accessible – more video is being made now than ever before and there are more ways to share that content than ever before.  Shooting Partners amalgamation with Anna Valley at the beginning of 2019 was, in part, motivated by the convergence of the audio visual and broadcast sectors and the increasing use of professional camera equipment in the event and corporate markets as a result of this video content explosion.

Shaun’s a firm believer that, regardless of how the technology changes in the future, there will always be a need for humans to capture pictures and sound and to display those to others and he’s excited about the limitless possibilities for future media technology

He’s looking forward to continuing to experiment with new technology and leading the way in adopting and defining how that technology can help broadcasters, event professionals and businesses to capture, manipulate and display video.

Here’s to the next sixteen years.