Breaking News - Grand Technix acquires Anna Valley brand name and brand collateral. Read more.Breaking News - Grand Technix acquires Anna Valley brand name and brand collateral. Read more.

Anna Valley invites event professionals to choose their own path to inspiration at showcase event.

Anna Valley has announced their plans to host an “Inspiration Showcase” focussing on immersive technology from 15 – 19 July 2019.  The event is designed to inspire agencies and event organisers by demonstrating how AV technology can be engineered to create immersive experiences that are driven by interactive content.


Anna Valley’s “Inspiration Showcase” will be hosted at their new base in Feltham, which the company moved into in April of this year.  This is the first time that Anna Valley will host an event at the new premises and the showcase will include a tour of their 41 000 square foot warehouse.

The technology behind the event will be supplied and designed by Anna Valley with support from leading AV technology innovators and technology manufacturers.  Through their interaction with the AV technology, guests will determine their own path through various zones where parallax camera tracking, generative content, 360-degree projection-mapping and mixed reality will be used to create different interactive and immersive experiences.

“We’ve hosted technology showcases for the last three years, but this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than anything we’ve done previously. Not only does our new premises provide much more space to prepare for and host an event like this, but our recently-formed advanced technology department is focussed on researching and developing innovative ways to use AV technology to deliver amazing experiences just like this one. We can’t wait to show the industry what we’re now capable of.”
Nick Hart, Anna Valley Director

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