Anna Valley & Shooting Partners Visual Displays Dazzle Visitors

On July 18th, 19th & 20th the Anna Valley and Shooting Partners teams invited new and existing clients to attend a showcase of the new technology we provide to the live event, broadcast and experiential markets.

“I had a very insightful day at Anna Valley, they’ve got great expertise in their industry and show real creativity in the way they apply their ability. They can really offer solutions for any problems you’re facing – I know I can rely on them for a solution for whatever challenge I give them” 

— Ben Kostrzewa, Senior Production Manager – VISTA

We used our biggest demo space to recreate a large-scale conference. Our goal was to demonstrate an alternative to the conventional “staging and projection” approach for corporate events by using only digital LED screens with four PIP screen options to provide an AV solution.  This digital option presents event organisers with the opportunity to be more sustainable and space efficient  (as there’s no requirement for projection-throw distance) while producing stunning results by using modular LED screens to create the conference set.

The stage backdrop consisted of a large, 10m wide x 4m high curved AV3 3.9mm LED screen, which we controlled from a Barco S3 switcher combined with an EC50 control surface. This allowed us to manage media in a pair of Mac Pro towers at native resolution. We ran Qlab to show a series of 4k videos across the surface, and a slideshow of 4k pictures. There were also a series of HD inputs to mimic typical onsite setups. The Barco S3 used an additional output to feed a 4k LG 98” display screen which was independently switchable

As well as graphics inputs, we also took feeds from four of Shooting Partners’ Panasonic AW-UE70 4k Remote Cameras – positioned to provide full coverage of the “stage” from multiple angles and controlled remotely with the AW-RP50 controller.  In addition to the remote head cameras, a roaming cameraman used a Sony XDCAM camera with a Wevy wireless kit to send video over wifi, while moving around the demo space.  The camera feeds were routed into both our Panasonic AVHS410 vision mixer and our latest Atomos Shougun Studio recorders. The Panasonic mixer allowed us to preview all cameras outputs at once and cut between inputs .

“Thank you to Anna Valley and Shooting Partners for an enlightening demonstration, showcasing new technologies and user experiences that can be incorporated within the events industry.  The enthusiasm you had for your products was infectious and we very much look forward to working with you in the near future.”

— Clare O’Byrne Senior Production Manager – MCI GROUP

Our smaller demo area was used to show the unlimited creative potential that LED offers – even when space is limited.  We clad the walls with 2mm LED and put down 7mm LED flooring to create an immersive digital environment.   These were driven from our Hippotizer V4 servers and content was managed using our Barco E2 to create seamless joins across the multiple pitch surfaces.

Inside our VR Experience Room; the main focus was 360 video, with the Nokia Ozo taking pride of place.

We previewed the camera’s software on a large monitor to show how users can view and manipulate the stitch points that blend the camera’s eight sensors together.  We also gave visitors the opportunity to put on our Oculus DK2 headset and experience what the Ozo was capturing in almost real time (a few seconds delay for the camera to process the images and feed them back out).

Another new aspect we were demonstrating was the ability to replicate what people see through a headset onto a separate 2D display. We used a mix of 75” monitors and Anna Valley’s AV2 LED to replicate the exact viewpoint seen by whoever was wearing the oculus headset, so that as they turned around in full 360 we saw exactly what they did.  This allows us to turn what is primarily a single person experience, into something which multiple people can enjoy.

“The team at Anna Valley have a heritage wealth of knowledge and support for any creative business looking to utilise high-spec AV for events”

— Sanj Surati, Founder – Tiger Heart London

Visitors were invited to get hands-on with fixed rig setups – controlling the Sony BRC-H900 remote cameras (as used on Gogglebox) as well as the Panasonic AW-UE70’s in the main warehouse space.  This was combined with the Panasonic AW-UE70’s which were in the main warehouse space.

Another area shown was Camera to cloud, shown with the combination of the Sony PMW-200 with the CBK-WA100 wireless adapter, showing the process of recording images and through a mix of Wi-Fi and 4g. This allowed the footage to be immediately uploaded to the cloud for remote access.

Canon provided two new cameras for display at our showcase – the Canon C700 with the Codex digital raw unit, along with Canon’s new C200, with the CN-E18-80 cinema lens.

The team at Anna Valley have already started working on the next showcase – contact us to reserve your spot on the guest list now