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Trees planted for a growing business: Anna Valley reaches new sustainability landmark

Anna Valley has reached a landmark in their ongoing sustainability initiative, planting 765 trees through the ‘Fees to Trees’ scheme set up by their recruiter, Green Folk, in partnership with THG (more:trees). The achievement marks the highest number of trees planted under the recruitment scheme, with trees planted across various global restoration projects each time a new hire is placed at Anna Valley.

Each time a new candidate is hired by Anna Valley through Green Folk, a percentage of the recruitment fees are converted into tree planting efforts across the globe. For each hire, a number of trees are planted immediately, and at the end of each year, Green Folk will review the total billings from Anna Valley and offer them a second opportunity to either plant bonus trees or buy carbon credits.

Having worked with Green Folk since September 2021, Anna Valley have placed 18 candidates, ranging from a junior technician, office administrator and repair technician through to more senior roles like the recent hire of Christina Nowak as the director of virtual production. The placements have resulted in the planting of 765 trees through the scheme so far, a total which is predicted to sequester 229 tonnes of carbon in the future – the equivalent to 560,668 miles in a standard car.

Green folk recruitment sustainability

People for the planet’s problems

Green Folk is headed up by recruiter Chris Payne, who has worked in technical recruitment for over 12 years. Setting up a green recruitment business had been a dream of Payne’s for many years, and his company is founded on the philosophy of being green wherever possible. This ranges from making the businesses’ marketing collateral from recycled plastic in vegetable-based packaging, through to ensuring Green Folk remains a carbon negative company by completely offsetting their carbon emissions. Anna Valley chose to work with Payne due to his passion for the environment, as Green Folk’s environmentally conscious mission aligns with their own sustainability goals.

Teaming up with THG (more:trees)

Green Folk works with tree planting partner THG, supporting a variety of their forestry projects which aim to have a positive impact on the planet. Anna Valley’s contributions are being used on a number of these projects, spanning across Madagascar, Haiti, and Kenya. These tree-planting initiatives not only offset carbon emissions, but also help alleviate extreme poverty through providing work, improving crop yield and boosting local economies. The trees planted using Anna Valley’s contributions also encourage biodiversity and can reverse the impacts of deforestation through restoring habitats, purifying water sources, and controlling flooding.

A positive impact with each new hire

Of Anna Valley’s support for the project, Payne says, “Our aim at Green Folk is to make conscious decisions to be better wherever you can. Anna Valley have done a fantastic job so far, planting the most trees out of any other ‘Fees to Trees’ partner so far this year.”

This achievement for Anna Valley comes as part of a wider sustainability initiative, says Naomi Hart, human resources coordinator, “Anna Valley are in the midst of a big recruitment drive – which is exciting for the company, but also provides an opportunity to give back to the community.”

It’s fantastic that as the needs of the company grow, we are able to make a positive impact on the environment with each new hire – everybody has to do their part.

Naomi Hart, human resources coordinator

The ‘Fees to Trees’ initiative follows Anna Valley’s recent launch of an electric car scheme, and marks the next step in their ongoing commitment to sustainability. Green Folk are aiming to plant 2000 trees by the end of 2022 – and Anna Valley aim to be a key contributor to making that happen.

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