Anna Valley January Showcase Unveils Emerging Technologies

From January 8th  – 12th Anna Valley were thrilled to invite new and existing clients to our emerging technologies showcase, with high performance systems designed to cater for live event, broadcast and experiential markets.

As part of our ongoing commitment to introduce our clients to emerging and inspirational technology for the year ahead, the January showcase was designed to cover a range of event scenarios focusing heavily on experiential AV functionality.

One of the most exciting additions to the Anna Valley inventory is the new Hippotizer Boreal+ media server. We built three demonstration areas, each showcasing a key aspect of Hippo’s new offering.

The first demonstrated the powerful 3D visualisation capabilities, showing how we can create virtual spaces, programme audience and camera viewpoints, add graphics and VTs and produce compelling video content to support pitches and prove concepts.

The second demonstrated the incredible projection mapping capabilities of the server. We mapped a 3D printed scale-model of a church and demonstrated the flexibility of the system by creating and moving extra layers and incorporating an NDI Network-based input from After Effects to play content on specific areas of the 3D model. This is possible without having to render the content out of After Effects, allowing content creators to make on the fly edits. One of the key features of this system is the ability to dramatically reduce projector line-up time on site with it’s unique 4 point locating system.

The third area showcased the incredible Notch effects which allow us to manipulate content in real time. With both pre-set and live camera effects, we demonstrated how we can create unique visuals in live environments.

As the live event market is constantly evolving with the times, Anna Valley strive to bring interactivity to events and engage audiences. We were delighted to be able to present some interactive event software created by our partners, Engage Works.

CoCreate is a platform that not only allows presenters to interact with their presentations and annotate in a digital space via touchscreen, but also allows for complete collaboration from audiences and workshop groups.  Participants can share ideas via digital post-its, videos and photos with the main screen which can then be organised and discussed. Content can be shared between breakout spaces in real time, and delegates can work on ideas and send their efforts back to the main plenary for discussion and summing up at the end of the day. Co Create is available for rental from Anna Valley.

In our live space, we set out to demonstrate that LED can be so much more than a flat videowall at the back of a stage. Using our new 90-degree, seamless LED corner technology we constructed an immersive LED entranceway with 3.9mm pitch walls, ceiling and our 7mm LED floor.  Visitors were greeted by starscapes, generated via a Hippotizer Boreal, along with 4K content mapped via one of our Spyder X20’s.

After the LED tunnel, we took the opportunity to show visitors a range of high specification equipment in the Anna Valley fleet, including

  • our superb outdoor 4mm LED videowall
  • 4K multi-camera PPUs which are built around the Ross Carbonite Vision mixer
  • Panasonic 4k remote head camera systems. Powerful 4K control systems centred around a Barco E2 switcher controlled from an EC50
  • another Hippotizer Boreal+ and
  • our flagship AV2 LED screen which has a 2.5mm pitch. We created a stunning concave curve with the AV2 by angling the panels at 7º at every join.

Thanks again to all those at Anna Valley for a great afternoon at your Technology Showcase. You certainly know how to create the ‘wow’! 

You’ve given us plenty of food for thought and the prospect of being able to bring some of the interactive elements you showcased into our live events is very exciting! Great ideas and a great team. Can’t wait to work with you all soon.

“Having worked with the guys at Anna Valley for the past couple of years on various elaborate projects, it was great to finally go to their HQ and meet the rest of the team.

We are always being asked for and on the hunt for new ideas to present to clients, so it was great to go and see what new exciting ideas and kit Anna Valley have on offer. So much so we have already sold in a number of the items viewed at the open day, in to our next big event!

The open day was extremely well presented, it was definitely worth the trip down from Derby.”

James Johnson, Director Presentation Design Services

We wish to thank each and every one of our visitors for taking time out of their busy schedules to come down and visit the showcase.
Our hire team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of live event technology and forward thinking solutions to meet creative demand.

Anna Valley produce several technology showcases throughout the year for existing and newly established clients.

To book your place at our next showcase, please contact the team at [email protected]