Breaking News - Grand Technix acquires Anna Valley brand name and brand collateral. Read more.Breaking News - Grand Technix acquires Anna Valley brand name and brand collateral. Read more.

Anna Valley creates centre for audio excellence

Anna Valley is building a centre for audio excellence across the group by purchasing new audio equipment to supplement their existing stock, consolidating their inventory with that of their subsidiary, Matrix UK Solutions, and assembling a team of dedicated audio specialists.

The new stock purchased by Anna Valley complements both their existing d&b, Shure and Yamaha kit as well as the equipment recently moved from Matrix to the group’s head office in Feltham to create a comprehensive hire stock of digital audio equipment that all speaks the same language. To this end, they’ve expanded their range of d&b speakers by adding both Y-Series and E-series to their existing stock and have replaced their wireless microphone systems with digital options. The company’s purchase of an additional forty channels of Shure QLX-D with DPA microphones and new, Dante-enabled, Shure Axient Digital systems brings their total stock of Shure digital systems to just under 100 channels. Additional Yamaha consoles and interfaces tie these systems together and provide the flexibility to scale according to events’ needs.

In addition, Anna Valley also brought in Lucy Jenkins as head of audio. With extensive experience as a freelance audio engineer and project manager, and previous positions at Orbital Sound and SSE Audio Group, she was instrumental in specifying Anna Valley’s new purchase list and will also be responsible for building and leading the new audio team.

Anna Valley is recognised as a leader in video displays and, while we’ve always offered high-quality audio support, sound has never been our primary focus. The aim now is to develop our audio capability (and capacity) and to use audio as a creative tool in its own right to help our clients deliver great experiences. We committed to this investment before the current crisis, but we’re confident that our industry will bounce back and that, after social isolation, there will be an even bigger appetite to come together for live events and digital shows. By developing our audio capability (and capacity) Anna Valley will be in a stronger position to support the industry in delivering these life-affirming experiences.
Anna Valley MD, Peter Jones

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