Vertical Sectors Covered Include:

  • Retail

The retail space has changed dramatically over the last few years. More fashion houses and high street brands are looking to create “wow factor” digital canvases to entice larger footfalls, push up revenue and inspire brand loyalty. The guidance and advice on what can be achieved to create an immersive and experiential space is what we at Anna Valley do best – we provide creative visual mock ups, make and advise on technology and then, we can integrate the total solution. We can also create and manage content into these spaces as well as provide full SLA and maintenance packages on equipment installed so our clients can be confident that their investment will return the results they expect as well as maintaining the right brand image and reputation.

  • Corporate

The corporate market is an area where technology is paramount. Corporate lobbies are now looking to add large format video walls and LED screens to define brand recognition and display corporate messaging as well as show digital signage to visiting clients and internal staff. Meeting rooms have an increasing amount of AV equipment with video conferencing and interaction collaboration tools. More auditoriums now require large format video wall and LED screens for presentation and broadcast purposes. Anna Valley can help with all of the above requirements, offering impartial advice and designing system solutions as well as offering a full range of installation, SLA and maintenance services in these areas – we can go as far as even providing on-site managed services if required.

  • DOOH (Digital Out Of Home)

The out of home market place has transformed itself from print on large billboards, scrollers and poster statics to now large digital estates. With the use of digital assets such as large format displays, video walls and LED screens OOH advertising agencies can offer their clients an immersive, fully engaging and captivating experience. Anna Valley will provide advice on technology, design system architecture and deliver full turnkey integrated solutions that help these clients calculate their expected ROI against budgeted CAPEX outlay.

  • Stadia

Sports stadiums are looking to provide an engaging, rewarding and memorable experience for their fans during their visit. This is being achieved using various audio and visual technologies including screens for digital signage, interactive fan zones, digital stadium tours, concession signage, stadium LED screens, IPTV solutions and VIP/ executive box entertainment. Anna Valley offers a complete consultative service in this area to provide total system solutions from concept to delivery to match clients’ demands and deliver results.

  • Transit

Train stations, airports and mass transit areas in general have always used passenger information displays. These have transitioned into higher end digital solutions over time that commonly share space with DOOH advertising agencies and create a revenue share opportunity. Most require large format displays, video walls and LED displays. Anna Valley can assist with design, development, integration, SLA and maintenance of complete turnkey solutions for these areas.

  • Entertainment

Theme parks, theatres and cinemas are just a few of the entertainment areas where digital has really taken a hold over the last decade. Traditional poster messaging or neon signage has been replaced by digital screens – in some locations just smaller single large format displays whereas in other areas, much larger video wall and LED screens have become common place to run advertising, provide brand promotions or show live event videos. These are all areas in which Anna Valley can assist as we are experts in providing total AV solutions in these areas, having grown our day to day business in the TV sector. We encourage clients to contact us with their requests to see how we can help.